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Were did 2013 go?

Wow, where did that year go to?

How can I have been so poor at keeping this blog?  Well, it’s been very busy here all year!  The lovely summer has done us all a favour, and people have been coming out to the Dales and keeping us busy and out of bother – thankfully!

What news is there?  Well, let’s see…

Kitchen - We have a brilliant new Head Chef – Gavin Swift.  He’s certainly helping us maintain a real local food following, and leads a young and enthusiastic brigade of 4 other chefs, helping them to develop to their full creative potential. 

Front of House.  We have Chris Edwards, who’s been with us now for the best part of a year; he helps the rest of the team deliver a cheerful, relaxed but professional front of house service.

Ian, Hannah and Emily are still with us, they’ve been here since day one and we’re glad to say that Andrew, Harry and Rob are too, albeit when they are back from Uni and Brad is back with us again after a short absence too.

In all, we have quite a few people working here, too many to mention just now, but they’re all doing a grand job, and we’re glad to be part of the same team.  Thanks everybody!

Weddings -  a few weddings have been here this year – beautiful brides and gorgeous grooms – lovely.  Whilst we have really enjoyed helping them make their big day special, we’ve decided that we will do very few weddings, local, small or in the quieter times, November until February.  The reason being that we are very busy most of the time anyway, and hate to disappoint our very regular customers … There are many other beautiful wedding venues around here to choose from.

Camping – after much thought and with difficulty, we’ve decided that camping from this year will be for adults only (with the exception of the Tour de France period, which is already fully booked with lots of families).  I know that this will upset some of the lovely families that we’ve had here over the last two summers, but it’s been a necessary decision.  (It’s also hard on our own grandchildren, who now can’t camp either).

Music – We had such a good time when Dizzy Blonde played lately, that we’re trying to have live music a bit more often.  Many of you will know that we tend to have live jazz at New Year’s Eve, and this year, Jazz Centric were brilliant!  We have a few things in the pipeline. …

On the environmental front – Pleased to report that our biomass boilers are working well!  We’re also moving towards all LED bulbs, we’ve got hundreds of bulbs, as many of you will know..  Almost there, but still a few to go!  Of course we try to buy locally too – so we’re watching our carbon footprint!  We can all do better I guess, so we’ll keep on trying.

Anyway, probably you’re asleep by now…

Hope to see you soon


Heather  (and Steve)


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