Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 3SR.


Well, where to start?  It is now 35 days from our opening date of the 2nd May!  Yikes,  and that includes weekends and bank holidays (not for us, but for all the workers who are making it all happen!) 

A few days ago, our biomass boilers arrived.  All very exciting, and they are the biggest boilers that I have ever seen!  So big that they had to be taken apart outside in order to get them down into the cellar, where they are now being installed by the lovely Dave.  The biomass boilers will help us to stay warm and cosy (previously the building had been very difficult and expensive to heat) whilst being as kind as we can to the environment.


A few thanks....

Ron, who is the site foreman/manager/and all round good egg, is the most calming influence here, he is very reassuring when things are mentally taxing for us (this extensive renovation is all new to us!)  

Dave and the other lovely plumbers Julian, Mark and another one whose name I have yet to grasp, sorry, have been plumbing their little hearts out - thankfully!  Terry and his merry band of electricians are doing a great job too... as is Mark and the other plasterers.  The ever cheerful and talented joiner Brian has now  been joined ( haha) by Peter (hurray!) and several other talented souls, so there is much sawing ...and drilling in every direction!  Apart from being a joiner and a half, Peter is just...well, you'd have to meet him! :o)  Tilers, are so hard at it that they have managed to avoid being nattered to death by me... :o)  Paul who has amazed us with his brickwork seems to have disapeared for now, but I hope will be back soon.

Decorators - well, you can't get any better than the ones here, Tommy and his gang are all fantastic.  

Local workers have been involved all along, with roof repairs and window making and fitting being brilliantly done, thanks to Craig, Paul and Lee.  Ashley, Darren, Chris and Chris and several other local window fitters are here too...

So all we can say is thanks to all of these and all the others, unmentioned at the moment - you are all brilliant!


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