Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 3SR

About Our Hotel

We bought the Palmer Flatt Hotel in Aysgarth, in June 2011. 

We bought the Palmer Flatt Hotel in Aysgarth, in June 2011. After much deliberation, we changed the name to the Aysgarth Falls Hotel, a decision which has caused a little controversy. Our reasons were mainly because we needed a new start, in order that any negativity from before our time wouldn’t follow us, and hamper our attempts to re-open and actually stay open.

The new name makes sense because our land actually does run down to Aysgarth Falls, as simple as that. However, the whole area here is called Palmer Flatt, and we still retain it in our postal address.

The people you will meet working here at the Aysgarth Falls Hotel have been hand-picked for their experience and skills, but equally as important is their friendly personalities.  We have around 25 people working here – many who have been here for years, some from the beginning.  Our Front of House Team is led by Helen Taylor-Caldwell.  

We are very lucky to have local people eating and drinking with us regularly, and many people return to stay with us again and again - people who have become like friends to us all.  We are always glad to see them walk through the door, along with the new faces that each day brings.  Come along and join us – why not?

The Aysgarth Falls Hotel has been, and remains an exciting challenge for us!



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