Until June 2011 the now named Aysgarth Falls Hotel was know n at the Palmer Flatt Hotel but the hotel site itself is said to date back as far as the Crusades . The name Palmer Flatt Hotel came from the fact that it is reputed to stand on the site of a medieval hospice where pilgrims returning from the Holy Land in poor health were treated. They often carried palm leaves back with them as mementoes and so became known as ‘ Palmers’ which were also used as their emblem.

It is also said that the hospice was run by monks from the mysterious brotherhood of the Knights Templar for their returning crusaders to recuperate in as those returning with illness required fresh air and water for their convalescence which the local falls and Dales provided in abundance.

The current building dates to the 18th century and in 1854 was described as “a wayside hostelry of truly rural appearance, but possessing excellent accommodation and liquors, for the numerous parties of visitors to the Falls, by whom it is much frequented in the summer months”.